Thursday, December 11, 2008

To my parent what I learned in ELA,

My biggest accomplishments in ELA so far is my memoir, my ning. My memoir was about my grand father and how he died, what I felt, and why I felt the way I did. My ning is a big accomplishment because i never used ning before and I got how to use it right away, I even created my own ning!
My favorite unit so far is the character unit because we get to learn how different characters act and why the make the choices they do, it is just so cool to learn about different things but still have to be on the same topic. This is the unit where we actually started to use ning, so we've been using ning for about a month now? And we have been reading the book To Kill a Mockingbird and we have been analyzing how they act and what's goning to happen next.
In ELA we have been using technology to look up information or pictures of things that we need help on, we use our school gmail so that the teacher can send us what ever we need to do for the day and that actually helps because the teacher doesn't have to waste too much time explaining to the whole class about something that like half the class knows she can just tell us what to do then tend to the children who need help.
My goals for the rest of the school year is to work my way onto the Principle's list. That is a list that have the smartest students in the school and I feel that I have the potential to be on that list.
Your always going to always be using reading and writing techniques throughout your entire life. Even if you work to become a Marine Biologist, or what ever job you go for even if you don't have a job and is on welfare you still need to learn how to read and write so that you can live in this dog eat dog world.
Thank you for coming,

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