Monday, February 2, 2009

Poetry Response: Changes

I can infer that He doesn't think that he belongs since hes black he lives in the ghetto hes hungry so he going to steal money for food since the cops see stealing a purse as a crime wen they.
One word to describe how Tupac is feeling is emotional. He feels as though now that he is growing up him and his friend are growing apart, like they have different perspectives on staying alive. The meaning of the poem is that it's hard to live as a black person because you have all these problems coming your way even if you did something to them years ago. And also he is trying to say that we do need change but we aren't ready for a black president to change us.
I can relate to this poem because growing up i didn't always have the best things and i didnt get most of my stuf legally(not that i commited any crimes)

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