Friday, October 17, 2008

Readers Response 2

Title: It's Kind Of A Funny Story
Author: Ned Vizzini
Pages: 185-238

I agree with Craig's decision because if he wouldn't have had called the suicide hot line, neitherless, if he wouldn't had picked up the book with the number in it then he would have probably went with his plan to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. I also agree with him because now since he's in the hospital he can get help to have his life back and maybe in a better way.
I feel that Craig is truly confused. He thinks too much about what he wants for the future and how things might not work for the future that he doesn't even thank God for waking him up and he says hes a Cristian. what kind of Cristian would admit themselves in a physciatric hospital? Shouldn't he be asking God to help him with his problems?
The fact that Craig use to rely on pot to make him feel better shows you that he was weak, but now that he can turn it down and ignore it shows that hes getting stronger.

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