Friday, October 31, 2008

Ghost Story: The revenge of Spoona

Spoona was very well known with the people of her city. She would always have the scariest house on the block when Halloween came around.
One Halloween while Spoona was decorating her house for Halloween, some neighbor hood children thought it would be funny to go and egg her house. But when they went Soona had fixed up a spell to make the decorations come to life and when the children got to her house with the eggs the decorations snatched the eggs from the boys and threw the eggs at them. “this house is haunted!!!” the boys shouted Every door in the neighborhood opened and heads peaked out. The next day the cops went to investigate her house and even though they didn’t find anything they still hung her.
Every family that lives in her house or wants to “check it out” goes in but never comes out. And it is also said that she haunts every generation of the 4 kids that came to egg her house that night.

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