Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Reflection

I think that Obama will probably start with the war since it is like the main source to all our financial problems. Like for example, if we stop the war sooner then we'd be able to afford better schools;health care;better houses and things like that. Since Obama is the first African-American to run for the position to be president of the United States its very historical that he won.
I think that over the next years that Obama is in office, he will change the country for us to be independent and more responsible.


Solleeann said...

Nakia i like your thought about Barack Obama it was very well thought and well writen.I hope you are right about him taking care the war first i will also want that to happen.

Jason Levy said...

Hi Nakia,

It is very smart to realize that the funding we spend on the war is money that we could also spend on other problems in the USA. I agree that Obama wants us to be more responsible; I heard that he is even challenging middle school kids to do community service!!!

Keep Blogging!

-Mr. Levy