Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blog Critique

Anne Frank was a very remarkable person. Although she lived very complex, she still managed to stay humble. But, I feel that she is a very boring person. The reason I feel this is because back then there are no interesting things that I would be into. Maybe if i were an adult or maybe if i was more into the Holocaust, more into wanting to know about the people's perspectives, then maybe I would find her story a little interesting.

I can relate to maybe 1 or 2 things with Anne. Like one is with her mom. Me and my mom don't get along as greatly as we'd both like and every time we try to extent or relationship, it ends up in pieces.

One part in the story that was very petrifying was when they had to hide inside the "Secret Annex" because there were buglers who took their coupons and their money. They had to hide under the door and listen in. LOL! Anne even fell aslep for half an hour.

I recommend this book ONLY because the ending of it is very deep and emotional. If you want to sit through haours of boredem be my guest. This book is a good class book because if you read it by yourself either you'll be stuck in a sentence, word, or just stuck in your own world.

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