Monday, April 27, 2009

Introducing Documentaries: Storm

In this documentary they had a few actors and 3-4 settings. To create this documentary they had to gather the kinds of people they wanted to play as the different characters. I noticed that in this documentary the color was sepia, and the song was a lullaby(Rockabye to be exact), they had facts in the beginning and they had the names of the cast in the end. Well i would say my favorite part of this documentary was when the Joey shot himself. I don't say this to be rude or anything i just think that it would probably be better to not face anybody at all. In the documentary Joey's father was very skeptic about bulling in his school. Well if I were the one who directed and wrote the scripts(if there were any), then I would have let the bully bleed instead of Joey. I would change this because then it would show the anger and rage Joey built up over the period of time of being bullied. My response to documentaries are different to those of other media because of the input in a documentary and the idea. Documentaries are very, hm, inspiring because it is filled with first person facts, well most of them are.

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